New York Combat Hapkido Club

Get In Shape, Increase Your Confidence, Lose Weight, Learn Self Defense & Have Fun!

Even improve your
self discipline!

Are you:

Motivated to get in shape?

Looking to lose a few pounds?

Concerned about self defense?

Interested in better self discipline?

Stressed out?

Ready to learn Combat Hapkido?

Ages 18 & up.

Most adults these days are thinking about these things. Most Americans are a little overweight (some a lot). Ours lives are very busy, yet sedentary. We don't get enough exercise. We have too much stress (which is slowly killing us).

Yet, we always seem to find a reason not to make the time to do something that is important for our health and well being.

"I have tried exercise plans, health clubs, gyms and even home workout equipment. I stay with it for a few months and get bored!"

Most of us have good intentions. We know we need to exercise. Maybe lose a few pounds. Try to rid ourselves of stress. Get in shape. Look and feel better. BUT...

Somehow it seems everything we try gets old and boring pretty fast. The gym membership gets wasted. The video tapes you ordered are collecting dust somewhere. How about that exercise machine you bought that turned into an expensive clothes rack (before it ended up in a garage sale).

So what is the solution? The New York Combat Hapkido Club

But why martial arts? Good question.

Dear Friend,

I have been training in the martial arts for many years. It seems like yesterday when I started. Time seems to fly by.

For any physical conditioning program to work (mentally and physically) you need to stay with it for extended periods. Problem is...

Most things that adults do to stay trim, fit and feel good are just plain boring. Most of us have bought a one year health club membership and used it for two or three months and never went back. Or that exercise bike or treadmill that became a clothes rack after six months (or less!).

Many send for exercise videos thinking that "well, since I don't have time to go to the gym, I'll just work out at home". Yea, right!! That one usually lasts less than a month.

So why is martial arts different?

The answer is simple. It's fun. Interesting. Easy to measure your progress and there is always something new to learn. 

Why is New York Combat Hapkido Club Different?

There are a lot of approaches to teaching martial arts. Some schools are very strict and traditional. You cannot talk in class. You never approach your instructor. Instead you must ask one of the assistants if you have a question. The head instructor is not only non approachable, but if you make a mistake, they have some pretty interesting ways of making you know it. None of which make you feel very good!

Then there are the non traditional schools. Kind like a playground for martial artists. Not much in the way of respect or tradition. They don't teach many of the traditional forms and drills that the ancient masters based their systems on. Some of them are more like boxing gyms without the ring. A total absence of tradition and decorum.

We believe that the best learning situation is somewhere in between. We do believe in and follow a certain amount of the Far Eastern tradition. No, not in a religious sense at all. But we do bow as we enter the training area as a gesture of courtesy to each other. We value honor, courtesy and respect.

I personally believe that the best learning atmosphere is a relaxed friendly one. I think that is why we have attracted such a nice following of adults in our program. Men and women who like to learn and train. Enjoy each others company and have ultimate respect for themselves, the instructors and each other.

The New York Combat Hapkido Club for Self Defense is located in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx Our modern style of Hapkido specializes in realistic street self-defense and self-protection for today’s adults 
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No high, acrobatic or flying kicks
No forms, katas or hyungs
No high falls and throws that will can injury you and stop you from training or going to work